Date Title & Download Link By
08/10/2017 Is my MOT due Gilson Gwendu
01/10/2017 Harvest 2017- Family service Gilson Gwendu
24/09/2017 No Download available
17/09/2017 The Power of God Mike Kemp
10/09/2017 No Download available
03/09/2017 No Download available Family Service
27/08/2017 pm Praise Everything Mike Kemp
27/08/2017 am The Light that Changed the Life John Kennett
20/08/2017 Passover Mike Kemp
13/08/2017 No Download available Family Service
06/08/2017 No Download available Family Service
30/07/2017 No Download available Family Service
23/07/2017 The only way is the tree of life Gilson Gwendu
16/07/2017 Ambassadors for Christ Gilson Gwendu
09/07/2017 Organise your life Gilson Gwendu
02/07/2017 No Download available Family Service
25/06/2017 Jesus the foundation of marriage Gilson Gwendu
18/06/2017 The Temptations of Jesus Mike Baker
11/06/2017 Repent Gilson Gwendu
04/06/2017 No Download available
28/05/2017 No Download available
21/05/2017 Avoid short cuts Gilson Gwendu
14/05/2017 The choices we make – Testimonys Gilson Gwendu
07/05/2017 No Download available Family Service
30/04/2017 Seeing is Believing Gilson Gwendu
23/04/2017 No Download available
16/04/2017 Fear is gone (easter sunday) Gilson Gwendu
Christopher Hand Testimony Christoper Hand
Lisa Lancaster Testimony Lisa Lancaster
Elisabeth Maria Fofid-Gencas Testimony Elisabeth Maria Fofid-Gencas
Illona Catharina Fofid Testimony Illona Catharina Fofid
14/04/2017 Stand UP for Jesus (good friday) Jeniya Gwendu
09/04/2017 Palm Sunday 2017 Gilson Gwendu
02/04/2017 No Download available Family service
26/03/2017 What Jesus did for us Mike Kemp
19/03/2017 The Missing Link Gilson Gwendu
12/03/2017 Consider God's holiness Gilson Gwendu
05/03/2017 Family Service – Listen Gilson Gwendu
26/02/2017 I am doing a new thing Doug Crisp
19/02/2017 New Life Mike Baker
12/02/2017 Time to be specific Gilson Gwendu
05/02/2017 No Download Family Service
29/01/2017 Be Like a Child Gilson Gwendu
22/01/2017 Crisis in Identity Gilson Gwendu
15/01/2017 Seeking Justice Gilson Gwendu
08/01/2017 making a statement by action Gilson Gwendu
01/01/2017 how to pray Gilson Gwendu

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