Date Title & Download Link By
27/12/2015 The work of the Holy Spirit Mike Baker
20//12/2015 No Download Children's Service
13/12/2015 Share the Gift Gilson Gwendu
06/12/2015 Mike Kemp – Testimony Part 2 Mike Kemp
29/11/2015 Crooks have no Joy Gilson Gwendu
22/11/2015 Doug-Crisp Doug Crisp
15/11/2015 deception Gilson Gwendu
08/11/2015 Servant Hood Gilson Gwendu
01/11/2015 Achieving Breakthrough Gilson Gwendu
25/10/2015 Mike Kemp Testimony – Part 1 Mike Kemp
18/10/2015 No Download
11/10/2015 Pitch your tent on the right place Gilson Gwendu
04/10/2015 Harvest Message – from India Samuel & Mary
27/09/2015 Leaving your comfort zone Gilson Gwendu
20/09/2015 Avoid being Locked out Gilson Gwendu
13/09/2015 The Blaming Game Gilson Gwendu
06/09/2015 Know Your Purpose Gilson Gwendu
30/08/2015 No Download
23/08/2015 The Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven Gilson Gwendu
16/08/2015 Family Service
09/08/2015 Family Service
02/08/2015 Abraham's tent Rene Baker
26/07/2015 Count me out – I dont want to be a hypocrite Gilson Gwendu
19/07/2015 God's name revealed and his mission Gilson Gwendu
12/07/2015 Astonishing Transformation Gilson Gwendu
05/07/2015 Get Involved Gilson Gwendu
28/06/2015 Dont Miss The Opportuinty Gilson Gwendu
21/06/2015 Jesus Loves You Jenyia Gwendu
14/06/2015 Count Your Blessing's Gilson Gwendu
07/06/2015 Healing At Bethesda Mike Baker
31/05/2015 True Colours of a Hypocryt Gilson Gwendu
24/05/2015 Birth of the Church Gilson Gwendu
17/05/2015 Obedience Gilson Gwendu
10/05/2015 REMOVE ALL LIMITATIONS Gilson Gwendu
03/05/2015 Persistence Pays Gilson Gwendu
26/04/2015 Friends Gilson Gwendu
19/04/2015 Worship is in Gods Heart Gilson Gwendu
12/04/2015 PRODICAL SON Gilson Gwendu
05/04/2015 No Download
29/03/2015 No Download
22/03/2015 Life Is A Story Change It Gilson Gwendu
15/03/2015 Be Sincere Gilson Gwendu
08/03/2015 No Download
01/03/2015 Family service
22/02/2015 No Download
15/02/2015 Peter's Commission Gilson Gwendu
08/02/2015 No Title Gilson Gwendu
01/02/2015 Family Service
24/01/2015 Your ears will tingle Gilson Gwendu
18/01/2015 No Download
11/01/2015 Do not be disturbed but rejoice Gilson Gwendu
04/01/2015 No Download

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